Ooshimatsumugi (traditional weaving and dyeing technique from Amami Ooshima)

Ooshimatsumigi(大島紬) is woven from raw silk and is characterized by its luster and lightness.

The orginial Oshima color created by mud from the island is famous.
The thread dyed with the bark of the "Wheel plum" is rubbed with bare hands many times in the mud field to create a beautiful texture.
In addition, there are Indigo Oshima, which contains indigo, and White Oshima. There is also a color 'Oshima' made from chemical dyes.

The patterns, such as cycads, are inspired from the nature of the islands in the southwestern part of Japan.
It is said to be the most elaborate and finest Kasuri fabric in the world, and has a history of over 1300 years.

The texture fits your body the more you wear it. It is an exceptional fabric, and even now it is admired as a high-class fashion item.

Typical production area: Amami oshima, Kagosima