Tsumugi (Pongee)

"Tsumugi is a silk thread spun while twisting slubs, or a thick spot in yarn, by hand.

There are various types of pongee depending on the place of origin. Some are woven with raw silk, and often the pattern is woven after the thread is dyed.

Many of the dyes are made from natural materials, such as plants, and require many processes to complete.
It often takes a long time to make one dye, and some of these dyes are designated as important intangible cultural properties in Japan.

The texture created by pongee fits the body exceptionally well. It is still very popular today as fashionable and every day clothes.


Typical production area:

Yuuki, Ibaraki

Echigo, Niigata

Ueda, Nagata

Shiroyama, Ishikawa

Kumejimacho, Okinawa