Yuuzen (Japanese resist dyeing technique)

Yuuzen(友禅) is a traditional dyeing technique. It can be used to create brilliant and diverse patterns similar to paintings.

A glutinous rice-based glue is thinly placed around the outline of the pattern to prevent the adjacent colors from bleeding together during the dyeing process..

Kuge Yuuzen uses rich colors and beautiful designs. It is preferred by public houses. Kaga Yuuzen uses calm colors and realistic patterns. It is preferred by samurai families.

The concept of yuuzen was created by Miyazaki Yuzensai, a popular fan painter in Kyoto. After the time of war was over the townspeople and their culture prospered.
Miyazaki Yuzensai had the idea to take his fan paintings and turn them into kimono patterns.

Today, yuuzen still represents a luxury kimono.


Typical production area: Komatsu city, Ishikawa


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