Seiju (Spirit beasts)

At the same time that continental culture entered ancient Japan, Shinsen thoughts and legends were handed down.
Among them, the four spirit beasts (dragon, phoenix, kirin, and turtle), were thought to be heavenly messengers that appear at a time of celebration,
are considered to be the ancestors of the creatures of this world and have come to be widely used as auspicious kimono patterns.

An auspicious and all powerful creature.
The combination of a dragon and a tiger represents "bravery and courage" and was favored by samurai families.
An auspicious bird that appears in the world when a highly virtuous king appears.
It is considered to be a different creature from the Western phoenix.
An imaginary beast, unlike a real giraffe, that appears when the virtues of the king are widespread and is the harbinger of good luck.
A giant and long-lived turtle. It is a sacred beast that carries the mountain where the mythical hermit lives.

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